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Falkland Islands

In 2010, Air Charter Service was chosen for an oil and gas exploration programme, requiring a long-haul solution for regular crew rotations to the Falkland Islands. Because several personnel travelled from all around the world, it was important to fly from a location which was wholly central to Europe, with flights commencing from London Gatwick.

A full market analysis took place in procurement, ensuring that the most effective operator was used, based on positioning and experience, with flexible contractual terms developed for the client.

Over the course of 32 months, Air Charter Service arranged 134 crew movements, with the addition of two time-critical cargo flights and three private aircraft flights.

Each movement had an Air Charter Service account manager at check-in, along with a specialist representative on board, with extensive ground-handling, cargo and in-flight experience. Bespoke check-in arrangements, customised catering options and in-flight entertainment upgrades offered a more fluid experience, aimed at maximising passengers’ comfort.

Careful consideration was given throughout to political and diplomatic tensions. With an unrivalled network of contacts on the ground, at Mount Pleasant in the Falkland Islands, Air Charter Service was able to provide highly effective passenger turnaround across all crew movements.

For further information on oil & gas industry charters, simply contact a member of the team.

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